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Monster Ultra 1000 review

The Monster Ultra 1000 is fair value if you need a generous length. Tested at £1000.00

Our Verdict

Usefully open sound, but not the focus or clout of the best


  • Airy open sound
  • energetic presentation


  • Uncomfortable with big dynamic shifts

You're familiar with the digital argument? The one that goes ‘it's all ones and zeros so all optical cables will sound the same'?

In May 2009 we rounded up eight cables and they all gave a distinctly different sound. Here's one that missed out.

Providing the link between a CD transport and DAC, the Monster Ultra 1000 cable initially impresses with the airy openness of its soundstage and the energy of its presentation.

Listen a little longer, though, and a slightly vague focus and discomfort with big dynamic shifts becomes the overriding signature.

Fair value if you need the generous length.