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Audio Technica ATH-WS55i review

A perfect choice for the bass-loving iPhone-owner Tested at £90

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

An excellent pair of on-ears for the bass-loving iPhone-owner


  • Weighty, punchy and exciting bass


  • Nothing

It’s always refreshing when a manufacturer listens to criticism and sets out to fix things, which is what Audio-Technica has done with the ATH-WS55i headphones.

The original ATH-WS55 model was designed to have lots of bass, but it was also rather overbearing and fat at the bottom. With the 55i model, though, Audio-Technica has really hit on a fine balance.

The bass is still weighty, chunky and deep, but it is also more taut and less overbearing, which leads to a delivery that’s full-bodied and rich, but also punchy and exciting.

True, there are some fine alternatives to these headphones, including Audio-Technica’s own ATH-ES55, that offer greater insight and timing, but these WS55is are an undeniably satisfying listen.

The three-button, Apple-compatible remote, closed-back design and firm, noise-isolating fit add to the appeal of these fine ’phones.

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