'Scary Fast' event 2023: how to watch today's Apple launch live

Apple October Event
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A 'Scary Fast' Apple event kicks off today, Monday 30th October, with the keynote speech starting at 11:59pm BST / 6:59pm ET / 7:59am AEST. 

We're anticipating a number of announcements, mainly focusing on a new MacBook line-up powered by an all-new M3 chip. There's a chance we might see new AirPods Max 2 over-ear headphones for the first time but any potential new earbuds from the tech giant are likely to skip this event and arrive in 2024 instead.

Want to get straight to it? Watch the Apple Event live stream here

So, get ready and settle in for a late, late Apple event. Here's how to tune in and more on what to expect...

'Scary Fast' Apple Event start time

Apple's next Event will start today (Monday 30th October) at 11:59pm GMT on Monday 30th October. It's worth noting that this start time is much later than we have seen previously. The event usually starts off with a keynote speech – this can often last around 90 minutes.

See below for a list of keynote start times around the globe.

  • Cupertino, California:  3:59pm AST
  • New York, New York: 6:59pm ET
  • Halifax, Canada: 6:59pm AST
  • London, United Kingdom: 11:59pm GMT
  • Berlin, Germany:  12:59am CEST
  • Delhi, India:  04:29am CEST
  • Sydney, Australia: 7:59am AEST

How to watch the'Scary Fast' Apple Event 

As usual, Apple will stream its October event live on Apple.com and the Apple TV app.

Tune into the live stream at apple.com.

You can also watch the Apple Event via Apple's YouTube channel, which you'll find a link for below.

'Scary Fast' Apple event live stream

What to expect from 'Scary Fast' Apple event

Let's take a look at what we can expect to hear about during the Apple launch. 

New MacBooks could be the most likely focus. Apple has announced new Macs during previous October events, such as the reveal of the M1 Pro MacBook back in 2021. There have been rumours about the new iMac and MacBook Pro featuring the M3 processor being in the works, so we look forward to finding out.

Another product we are keenly anticipating are the AirPods Max 2. We are big fans of the first-generation AirPods Max, and we rated them high enough to give the headphones a five-star review. These over-ears are nearly three years old, which is fairly ancient in this product category, so could we see a sequel on October 30th? 

We're also waiting on announcements regarding other new models of Apple earbuds, namely the AirPods 4 or AirPods Pro 3, though it's less likely we will see them this time around. There have been rumours of the yet-to-be-announced AirPods 4 arriving at some point in 2024.

The word is that the new model will come in two variations, with the more expensive model featuring noise-cancelling tech. The cheaper pair of AirPods has also been dubbed AirPods Lite, but all rumours and leaks point to a possible 2024 launch for these two models. It's worth keeping an eye on developments in the coming weeks and months to see what else Apple might have in store for its wireless earbuds.


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Apple 'Scary Fast' product event: what to expect (and the likely no-shows)

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