MP3 players


£ 70

Its video presentation might not be up to much, but this Creative excels with audio and it's affordable too!

£ 90

Sony's NWZ-S638F S-series Walkman is the perfect ultra-portable for the Apple agnostics

£ 170

Cowon’s moving in the right direction with its S9 MP3 player, but it still can’t quite match the class leaders

£ 40

It's got good looks, but this Samsung struggles against its peers in terms of detail

£ 60

This MP3 player is a novel idea that's expertly executed. They're a restless bunch at Sony

£ 90

It may look a bit like an Apple with its iPod-esque scroll wheel, but SanDisk's Sansa View MP3 player can't match the Big A for ergonomics or sound qu

£ 30

Despite its three-star rating, the Philips has much to commend it – stylish looks, ease of use and dinky dimensions. But the sound quality is poor

£ 60

A big, bright display, compatibility with the BBC iPlayer and strong sound make this Samsung a contender, but we hate the touch-sensitive controls

£ 120

There's plenty of flash in this MP3 player, but we'd happily settle for better sound and something that costs less cash

£ 80

The iAudio7 is a chunky player, but sadly the solid looks don't match the sound, and it's a right old fiddle to use