Wireless speakers


£ 100

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Carries on where its bigger brethren left off: this is a fine speaker, producing a mature, easy-going sound that&

£ 150

What it does, it does competently; it just lacks any versatility

£ 90

A neat design, but no serious threat to the top performers out there, especially at this price

£ 170

Great sound, affordable multiroom smarts and 10 hours of wire-free portability make this little speaker a real gem

£ 100

A sensational blend of portability and performance makes the JBL Flip a belting Bluetooth speaker

£ 90

The Diamond has some nice elements but the speaker doesn’t shine as brightly as other rivals at this price point

£ 70

The MobiOut doesn’t excel in many areas, but its general design and approach to music could charm you

£ 85

This Bluetooth speaker has little sonic baggage – it’s crammed with features and for the money is quite a find

£ 430

With Bluetooth and AirPlay on board, this is a versatile wireless speaker that’s exciting to listen to

£ 280

A great Bluetooth speaker with big bass and an easy-to-live-with sound