Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 2950

Many people will love this amp’s outgoing character - it’s just the thing to give a tired or bland-sounding set-up a real kick

£ 1600

Moon's 'budget' i-1 maintains the company's excellent sonic standards, but this amps needs more all-out precision

£ 280

The AMP-200 might not be perfect but is very likeable, at least where sound is concerned

£ 325

The Rega does a fine job with high frequencies – they shine when they should, but never spill into hardness

£ 3800

Plinius is a name still barely known in the UK, but judging from the quality of the kit we've heard, this New Zealand company makes some of the best h

£ 1630

This new amp, the Majik-I, is an enjoyable piece of kit, but in pricing it against the likes of Primare’s I-30, Linn has bitten off more than it can c

£ 750

The 840A can form the hub of a simple multi-room system and features balanced inputs and a monster power supply

£ 1750

One of the cleanest, most informative amps available below the three grand mark

£ 400

If you want every tune to cuff you across the cheek, then the Cyclone might be the amp for you – but it's not an all-round listen

£ 180

Cambridge, pretty much the master of budget hi-fi at the moment, adds another superbly good and cheap piece of kit to its already bulging stable