£ 54

An unconvincing set of buds that don't come close to justifying their price-tag

£ 30

Best in-ear headphones up to £50, Awards 2010. Sennheiser's CX 300-II's offer a no-brainer upgrade for your portable player at a good price

£ 100

The Grado SR60i headphones may be remarkably similar to their predecessors but they manage to be even better

£ 190

Sony's MDR-NC500D headphones are reasonable by the standards of noise-cancellers, but they're far short of the quality offered by the best

£ 170

They're not the easiest headphones to fit, but once you've got them in your ears there's much to admire about these Shures

£ 100

Not quite the same level of insight as Sennheiser's pricier IE7s or IE8s, but they remain a great purchase

£ 120

These Shures shine when it comes to detail and clarity – but they find themselves up against some tough competition at this price-point

£ 140

These in-ears defy their curious shape by proving comfortable and – more importantly – a superbly balanced listen

£ 70

Teufel AC9050s are unlovely to look at, uncomfortable to wear and disappointing to listen to

£ 180

Senneheiser produces in-ear headphones for those who hate in-ears. Just watch out for the bass...