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Tested at £42

Small and simple, for a certain type of system the CYP will be a bargain upgrade

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  • Neat and affordable solution for use with budget AV equipment


  • Internal DACs of larger products are more effective

Products don't get much smaller or more straightforward than this CYP DAC.

Simply feed an optical or coaxial signal into the tiny box and an analogue signal emerges from the stereo RCA connections.

Great for budget Blu-ray decks  
Given the price, it's no surprise that the CYP has its limits, and the internal DAC of a half-decent CD player or AV receiver will produce better results.

However, if you're running a budget Blu-ray or DVD player, or a Sky HD box, into a stereo amp, this is a neat and affordable way to coax out far more punch, detail and dynamics.

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