• QED Reference Audio 40
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An impressive stereo interconnect that ushers through a high-quality sound
Reassuring build quality
Expansive soundstage
Brings great depth and dimension to music
Nothing of note
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The Reference Audio 40 looks like a serious stereo interconnect. Build quality and feel are very reassuring – you’re immediately drawn to the smart-looking ‘Analoc’ locking plugs.

QED claims these give a higher-quality connection with your kit.


QED Reference Audio 40

Well, the Reference Audio 40 certainly ushers through high-quality sound.

You are made aware of a much broader and more expansive soundstage compared with Ecosse’s Baton Mk2.

Play Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home and the QED interconnect brings fantastic depth and dimension.

Bass notes appear to plunge deeper and there’s a meaty, mature tone to music, but not at the expense of control or agility.

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Tunes are engaging and balanced with an impressive level of detail.

Lady Gaga’s Dope has texture and refinement in the piano – the interconnect really expresses the dynamics and nuances of the track.

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QED Reference Audio 40