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  1. Marantz ES7001

    Marantz ES7001

    Reviewed on 15th June 2008
    Price when reviewed £800

    Impressive power, scale and extension from a one-box surround sound system, even without a subwoofer

  2. Boston Acoustics TVee

    Boston Acoustics TVee

    Reviewed on 3rd January 2008
    Price when reviewed £350

    Not worth the pricetag especially with better options available

  3. Yamaha YSP-900

    Yamaha YSP-900

    Reviewed on 22nd September 2005
    Price when reviewed £600

    Does what it promises - surround sound from one box

  4. Yamaha YSP-1100

    Yamaha YSP-1100

    Reviewed on 22nd February 2005
    Price when reviewed £900

    A seriously impressive new model performs better in bigger spaces than others

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