Sonos adds wireless playback of music stored on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

5 Dec 2012

sonos app

Sonos has added the ability to play locally stored music directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, bringing AirPlay style functionality to Sonos.

A software update, which has gone live this morning, adding the direct music streaming feature for all iOS devices running iOS 6.

Updating to software version 3.8.3 of the Sonos Controller will add a new option to the Sonos menu called 'This iPhone', 'This iPad' or 'This iPod Touch'.

sonos iphone

You can then select the music from that individual device's music library and play it instantly on your Sonos wireless system or add it to a queue.

Previously you would have needed to add Apple AirPlay to your Sonos system in order to play your iPhone's music on Sonos.

While you can only add music from the iOS devices to your Sonos system on the iOS device itself, once added to your queue you can see the locally stored music and control it using the desktop Sonos controller or indeed the Android app.

sonos app

Your iOS device can go to sleep or you can turn the screen off and the music will keep playing on Sonos.

The update to Sonos 3.8.3 is live now on the Apple App Store, or available for download within your Sonos Controller app.

There's no word on an update to allow streaming music directly from an Android smartphone or tablet, however. 

UPDATE: Sonos Android app adds direct music streaming

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Good question, not sure. Will have to try with some of my 'cloud' music at home tonight, so far I've only used stuff on the iPad.

Hi Andy, the old switch off switch on method seems to have sorted it!! One more thing, can you access music in the cloud or is it just what's on the iphone/iipad?

I updated mine this morning and it works seamlessly!

MrFreeze, have you done the software update on your Sonos components as well as updating the app?

I know, but I don't like it.

I know it's questionable logic, since reducing life expectancy and thereby requireing a new product sooner probably does more damage than the power draw of leaving them all on, but it just plain doesn't sit well nevertheless. I turn my router / NAS etc off at night too. The technology will probls be end of life designwise and need replacing anyway long before thermo cycling does any harm.

I don't like things without off buttons, or with a standby power draw of much more than 0.5W.

This is fantastic news in my eyes!!  Will be updating later!!  Many thanks Sonos - one of the most complete products out there in my opinion!

Happy Christmas SONOS users everywhere Smile

Just started using Sonos and very pleased with it. Wish the Play 3 had bluetooth though because we watch TV via the iPad in the kitchen and would love to utilise the Sonos powered speaker sitting there out of action!

Have upgraded but not picking up either the Ipod or phone (both on latest IOS). Is there something I'm supposed to do?




The Sonos units are designed to be left powered up, like any other network component such as a switch or router. Repeatedly power and/or thermally cycling them is likely to reduce life expectancy.

I don't know if Sonos still burns 4-6W even when on standby, but until they address that, I can't subscribe to the system, no matter how attractive the product is.

Yes, absolutely brilliant!! Playing straight off my iPad right now!! Other AirPlay speakers beware!! No wonder Sonos dock was discontinued...

PlugPlayer has been able to stream from IOS devices to Sonos devices for a while but this is certainly more convenient. 

Just did the update on my Sonos system at home. Brilliant!