We've rounded up every Christmas gift idea we've suggested so far this year, from blu-ray players to headphones, DACs to soundbars

Christmas is now less than one month away – so it's time to start making some decisions on presents. We've rounded-up some of the best Christmas gift ideas from the tech world, for that special someone who's interested in hi-fi, home cinema and beyond.

Whether it's gift ideas on a budget, something special for a film lover or present ideas for music fans, we have plenty of suggestions.

We'll be keeping this list updated, so keep checking back if you're in need of inspiration for what to buy someone – or indeed yourself…


10 best Blu-rays to buy in 2013

There's no point spending money on your home cinema system if you haven't got the discs to hear and see it at its best.

We've rounded-up our favourite test discs of 2013, from all-action blockbusters (mainly them, to be honest) to brilliant 3D documentaries and TV dramas.

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7 gift ideas under £50

If you're on a strict budget this year, or want to buy a number of things rather than one big present, then this is the list for you. 

A lot of well-performing tech can be bought for under £50, and our guide covers everything from headphones to iPods to portable digital radios.

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10 gift ideas under £100

From headphones to wireless speakers, docks to DAB radios, whether it's a stocking-filler for the kids or something for that special someone, there should be something here to tickle your fancy. Everything under £100...

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10 gift ideas under £200


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For those wanting to be a little more generous, the products in the under £200 represent fantastic value for money.

Potential presents include five-star tablets and speakers, not to mention a headphone amp and DAC and plenty of headphones.

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7 gift ideas for film fans


If there's a budding film enthusiast on your list to buy for this year, then this guide is for you.

From blu-ray players to TVs to full 5.1 surround sound set-ups, there's something to improve your movie experience this Christmas.

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9 gift ideas for music fans


If you're buying for someone who knows the difference between MP3 and FLAC, then chances are they'll appreciate something from this list of gift ideas.

With turntables, DACs and wireless multiroom speakers to name a few, treat yourself to an upgrade to get the best out of your music, no matter how you listen to it.

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by  Max Langridge

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