Are you on the hunt for the perfect tech gift for someone who knows all about LBW or offside; touchdown or triple jump? Here are 10 of the best ideas to inspire you this Christmas.

From flagship football tournaments, to quiet County Championship matches, it's now almost impossible to miss the latest happenings from the sporting world.

And whether it's a second screen for your Sunday afternoon sports fix or a portable radio to keep you updated when you're out and about, What Hi-Fi? has you covered with this latest list of possible presents from our Christmas Gift Guide.

Our 9 gift ideas are all lined up, so we'll kick off...

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Panasonic TX-40C2520

Five stars

Tested at £380

You might like to watch sport on TV, but other members of the household might not. So how about a compromise? A second set that won't take up too much space in a bedroom or other second room. This 40in Panasonic is a great option, delivering a fantastic picture, a wealth of smart functionality and ample connections all for less than £400.

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Samsung UE48JU7000

Five stars

Tested at £1250

If a new, main set for the home is high on the list, this Samsung TV is one to consider. It handles 4K content expertly and does a tremendous job of upscaling from full HD too. And as far as flatscreen TVs go, it doesn't sound too bad either - although we'd always recommend investing in a soundbar or surround package.

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ALSO CONSIDER: If only the biggest screen will do this Christmas, the 65in Samsung UE65JS8500 is the one to go for.

Now TV

Five stars

Tested at £15 (for the box)

The majority of sporting action takes place on Sky, but if you'd rather not pay out for a monthly contract then Now TV could be something to consider. It allows you to buy Sky Sports day passes, providing unlimited access to all of the Sky Sports channels for 24 hours for £6.99. The box can output in full HD 1080p and support up to 7.1 surround sound too.

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Microsoft Xbox One

Four stars

Tested at £430

While it could be said the PlayStation 4 is the better gaming console, the Xbox One is a much better entertainment hub. It benefits from regular updates to bring new features - as well as constant price cuts - and also lets you integrate your PVR and use it with Kinect voice control. With Christmas fast approaching, many retailers are offering great deals on various console and game bundles.

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Q Acoustics Media 4

Five stars

Tested at £330

If you've found the perfect TV for watching sport and it's already sitting in your living room, you may be thinking about adding some more oomph to the sound. And that's where a soundbar comes in. This Q Acoustics 'bar is the ideal companion, delivering a solid and authoritative performance and will make even the dullest of football matches sound exciting.

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BenQ W1080ST+

Five stars

Tested at £850

For those of you who want to fully immerse yourselves in the action as it unfolds, a projector could certainly add a grander sense of scale. If you're seeking big-screen entertainment on a budget, this BenQ puts in an astonishing performance for its bargain £850 price tag.

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Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEi

Five stars

Tested at £90

Need some headphones that'll make sure you don't miss the rundown of the classified scores after leaving the ground? Don't want to miss the hushed tones of The Open golf commentary? These in-ears from Sennheiser are nearly faultless for the price when it comes to fit, function and sonic form.

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iPad Air 2

Five stars

Tested at £400 

Apple has taken the best tablet ever produced and made it better with the iPad Air 2. With its faster performance and smoother graphics, streaming live sports or watching highlights on the move has never been more enjoyable. 

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