Apple TV set-top box to offer live and on-demand TV?

17 Aug 2012

Apple TV

Apple is rumoured to be planning a set-top box that would combine on-demand iTunes content and live TV programmes.

Essentially an upated version of the existing Apple TV box, which only shows bought iTunes content, the set-top box would see Apple jostling for a more prominent position in the living-room.

The report in The Wall Street Journal suggests Apple would talk to cable operators in the US in order to offer traditional TV channels alongside Apple TV and movie content in the form of apps.

Google TV

Apple's great rival Google recently announced Google Fiber TV in the US, which sees Google not only offering home broadband packages but also a broadband plus TV package, complete with a TiVo-esque set-top box.

Google TV – a direct rival to Apple TV, which has content from the likes of Netflix plus an internet browser – is only now trying to gain market share in the UK, as boxes from the likes of Sony slowly emerge. 

An Apple TV set-top box would arguably be an alternative to the much-rumoured 'Apple iTV'.

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Not sure about this, it makes sense though i cannot see Apple making a set-top box that is affordable. The words by Jobs " I Have Finally Cracked It " wouldn't add up with just a set-top box especially when you can see on the current TV market TV's that can be told what to do by voice and actions.

Not to mention other rumours of Apples involvement with other LCD manufacturing companys.

It wouldn't be hard for Apple to add things like BBCi player , SKY Go and HBO Go to there current Apple TV.

I will be by the end of the year be looking to spend some money on a quality TV and i'm really hoping that something will come from Apples Event in september, Fingers Crossed 

But they bought a TV manufacturer...

Not really a rival to the "iTV" - most TV manufacturers also sell set-top boxes which offer live TV services for those with older TVs and these aren't seen as rivals to their own TVs. The Apple set top box would presumably offer the "iTV" experience to those without "iTV"s - presumably they'd be cheaper but no doubt without the same quality.