Apple iPhone 5: official details, pictures and more

12 Sep 2012

iPhone 5: full review
Apple iPhone 5

Apple has confirmed the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 at an Apple press event in San Francisco.

As expected it's taller, slimmer and lighter and has a 4in Retina display. Apple billed the phone as the 'thinnest and lightest' iPhone yet. It will start at £529 for a 16GB version, with 32GB and 64GB models to come.

Available in black or white the iPhone 5 will be available in the UK on Friday September 21st, and you can pre-order the iPhone 5 from Friday September 14th.

The new iPhone 5 weighs 112 grams making it 20% lighter and has a new 1136 x 640 resolution.

It is a 4G LTE phone and will work on the UK's 4G network from EE.

How to get 4G on iPhone 5



Apple iPhone 5


The iPhone 5 will be the same prices as the iPhone 4S. UK prices TBC but in the US it's 16GB for $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399. 

Available in black or white, it will come with iOS 6, which brings with it a new iTunes layout with a simpler design and layout, and a new A6 processing chip.

The all-new A6 chip was designed by Apple to maximise performance and power efficiency to support all the incredible new features in iPhone 5, including the stunning new 4-inch Retina display—all while delivering even better battery life.

Apple iPhone 5

With up to twice the CPU and graphics performance, almost everything you do on iPhone 5 is blazing fast for launching apps, loading web pages and downloading email attachments.

The all-new A6 chip is designed to maximise performance and power efficiency and deliver better battery life, with up to twice the CPU and graphics performance.

The new connector, called Lightning, is confirmed, promising to be smaller as well as 'all-digital', while there are new EarPods earphones in the box, too. See what they look like on the inside in this EarPods teardown.

Apple iPhone

It features an adaptive interface that uses only the signals that each accessory requires, and it’s reversible so you can instantly connect to your accessories. 

You will however need an adaptor, the Lightning-to-30-pin adapter, confirmed by Apple to launch at the same time, in order to use the new iPhone 5 with your existing speaker docks and other Apple accessories.

The new iSight camera is redesigned yet 25 percent smaller than the camera in iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5

New video features include improved stabilisation, video face detection for up to 10 faces and the ability to take still photos as you record. 

Available in black or white the iPhone 5 will be available in the UK on Friday September 21st and you can pre-order the iPhone 5 beginning Friday, September 14. The iOS 6 software will be available on Wednesday, September 19 as a free software update.

iPhone 5: full review

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Thanks MajorFubar, tbh i had forgotten all about the double clicking ( shows you how often i use it ) but i didn't know you could could close the apps down from there, thanks!

@landzw You don't need to turn it off to shut-down apps that are running in the background, just double-click the home-button and a window will open at the bottom of the screen showing all the apps which are still running.  Hold your finger on an app's icon and a small 'no entry' sign will appear in its top corner.  Click on that to shut the app down.

I have a 4S my company has given me, I wouldn't buy the new 5 though; the screen is still too small. The Samsung has the upper hand now. Apple need to come up with a new idea next year. Like it did with touch screen implementation.

To be honest i have never noticed my iPhone 4s being sluggish, though its not full of apps i just have a select few to keep me entertained. Unlike my iPad which my kids use its full off apps and after awhile it starts getting sluggish as the apps continue to run in the background, so i have to turn the iPad on and off to close all the apps and its perfect again. I have heard this is a small problem some people experience on th iPhone's as people are not aware of what to do.

Hi landzw

Back in the days when I designed built hardware for a California company we always said speed or the perception of speed is not just down to the CPU. It was the memory, wifi and also the performance of 3G connection. Ensure they were all up to spec the apps will be fast from the user experience. 

Often the iphone when it stalls or goes sluggish it is not necessary the CPU. It could be 3G connection hold up essential data download for that app, or the memory is congested with other system management. Sometimes it's a weak wifi connection and the 3G would be faster, but the iPhone selects wifi believing it will be better. 

I suspect apple has resolve most of these with faster CPU, 4G, better memory, and now in Ios 6 it has mobile broadband intelligence to know when a wifi connection is actually slower and will connect to the 4G if that's available and faster. 


Overall all this means a faster and slick user experience. 


AnotherJoe -

The prices are £529 for 16GB handset, £599 for 32Gb and £699 for 64GB, so it's only the 16GB version that's gone up by £30.

Well the 4S was a bit sluggish at loading apps and pages, so the iphone 5 going to improve that quite nicely according to Apple's figures.


But it would appear that problems with yields on the A15 means that they are clocked lower than perhaps Apple initially hoped. Its quite unusual for Apple to trailblaze on cpu hardware, but they will be the first to try out the A15's.


You could argue that Androids need their extra oomph with all the animated widgets going on. I dont bother with apps very often on my hox - I generally use the widgets as its quicker/easier.

Is the Iphone 5 quick enough? We won't find out until its launched next week. I can't imagaine that Apple would sell a phone that couldn't do every thing it should. But by a lot of people's argument I am a fan boy, so what do I know?

AnotherJoe do you think the A6 chip is to slow and what benefits do you think you would gain by having a faster cpu apart from more of a battery drain?

I'm pretty sure Apple have done all the testing needed to run the iPhone 5 and its software, and i'm pretty sure if the cpu is powerfull enough you would waste time and money trying to add a faster cpu or do you know something Apples engineers don't?

Even the new Lumia's due out soon aren't as fast as the SG3 well that must mean they are mid range phones?

Android thought of panaromic photo first ? Hmmmm and you'r telling me all of Androids ideas are original ? God i'm starting to think you'r caught in a reality distortion field 

SG3 is a bigger phone, you would think Android forward thinking steps to bring in FB integration, panaromic photo, taking stills in video mode would mean top billing phone. But iPhone execution and design is perfectly proportion, and living with it fits so well with the style of my living. Pretty much running around all the time with a busy work and social life, and although seeing someone with a Samsung Note with its impressive big screen was interesting, he did find holding it with one hand and typing at the same time was too much for him and resulted in him dropping it. Unfortunately for him, he was over the gutter at the time, and it fell through.

I think it was too big for his average size hands! Never mind he can also get a iPhone 5 as a replacement, and he will love the feel of the beautifully crafted body rather than the plastic one.

Its basically a mid-range phone - but with Apples premium pricetag. (£729 for a 64GB simfree version anyone ?)


The cpu is still slow - twice as fast as an 4S means its still only half as fast as the latest quad-cores.


The screen is still tiny. An SG3's screen is 44% bigger in terms of area, so you'll still be squinting when browsing the web. At least its 16:9 aspect so you can watch videos properly. And with features copied from Android such as facebook integration, panaromic photo, take stills while recording video etc its almost up to date (with last years models).

Thanks landzw for showing interest in what I written. I enjoy just writing for the pleasure of it, but if someone reads it and makes them consider even for a moment, that is fantastic. Smile

I think I will stick to the iPhone 5, just because I like it. Back to the car analogy. It is like the new VW Golf, I think it is mark 7 loosing track, but it is a great looking car and every version just gets better. Okay they did loose their way at one point, something Apple is at risk off. In the end I still like it the VW Golf.

On the otherhand I don't like the Land Rover Evoque. Because it is a design I really believe will date, and I think it is already starting to show that. Recall when the Honda Civic with that futuristic design was launch? It was a great departure of the old image of the car pretty much driven by anyone over 70. I don't know if you seen them lately,  but they don't seem that futuristic anymore. 

I am paying Sir Jonathan Ive my sincere gratitude, because he is brilliant designer, and don't forget guy's while you critique the iPhone 5, it was after all designed by a great British talent. Vive la Britian!

nicely put Charles_mo i would agree , it is the hole package you get with Apple that differs from all the other company's which seems to get forgotten about with Andriod users, Apple have been doing this with its Macs with small but noticable improvements to design and specs for a good few years now ( god you got me thinking of buying an iPhone 5 instead of the 920 for a minute )

One after another they roll em out at Apple....not worth a carrot all same old same old......

17:18 Well the iPhone 5 has been launched yesterday first phone from apple with a whole number version without our Steve Jobs. The phone has split people's opinions some like it and also some basically expecting a surprise. I say a surprise because this phone has been leaked like a leaky bucket with not even a bottom to it, so people were hungry for something maybe as different as the Nokia lumix 920 or the Galaxy S3. But how long do we have to wait before these get forgotten, damage, paint rubbing off, and generally loose it's desirability. I think Apple has approach the design of the iPhone like a desirable sports car such as the Porsche Carrera. Back from its beginning as the 911 the design has not change but evolved. Every new version brings new advancement to technology, improved speed, better handling, and nicer materials for that ultimate target of quality and desirability. Like the Porsche looking at pictures of the iPhone 5 does not do justice, but it is the everyday use and the first time you take it out of the box. It is still a pleasure to use my old iPhone 3GS and it always does what I want. It is slow for sure compared to my wifes iPhone 4 but still we enjoy it. I dare you guys to pop into a Porsche showroom ask to test drive the latest Porsche. The one that is still has the same familiar design that existed way before you were born, and I swear you will have a smile at the end. It is not all about being completely new and different, it is about making something great even better.

The changes were to be expected, and nothing to write home about (so I didn't). They should have spiced things up and said it was fatter, slower and only got reception if you lathered it in caramel and stuck it under your left armpit.

As a Galaxy S3 owner (and sworn enemy it seems), I love the iPhone5s apparent build quality, but cannot imagine living with such a dated and dumbed down OS.


I'll no doubt change to a Galaxy Note 2 to take advantage of my trousers volumptuous, Tardis-like pockets.

Looks more of the same , Just like any other phone on the market then. Just because something is now faster it doesn't mean its quicker have you not noticed the CPUs in our computers have got slower but yet faster.

And why are there so many people who use Andriod feel they have to slate Apple, if you don't like or can't appreciate what they tried to do and can't put a constructive comment down, why bother at all? 

Though i would have to agree with alot of people both the S3 and iPhone 5 are not the phone of interest at the moment, the lumia 920 is and i can't wait to try one or even the 820

Yep like I said nothing special as usual. Its all minor upgrades. The screen is the biggest change and even that is only by 0.3 over the 4s. Thats not much of a headliner and board/chip. Optums G gona have the same screen but bigger. Again an evolution that looks like more of the same.Tongue out


Better Batteries? Apple products have some of the best battery life across there products. 

I'm not sure about this 4inch sreen on the new iPhone and Touch, i think i will have to take a look next time i'm passing the Apple Store


Can you imagine if Apple actually put as much effort into making their products a bit more 'realworld'; things like unbreakable glass, better batteries... I might even start buying their stuff again!

Agree with you moon, the case my old man uses on his 4s makes it look hideous not to mention an inch thick. But otherwise he drops it and the glass breaks.


Apple designers must be physically unwell when they see the horrible things designed to house their work.

is it the same price?  i thought the 4s started at 499, or did the price creep up since launch?  it seems more an evolution than revolution...

I love the looks of the material but not sure about the design, one being such a long screen and the other is keeping the same design that they have had for the last 2 years

I think the Nokia 920 is actually more exciting then Iphone 5. It seems to have fallen a short of Samsung Galaxy III, the upcoming Sony phone and Nokia 920. Only 4G seems to be the real advantage!

- Strange display res at 1136x640 and not the standard 720p display (1280x720)

- LTE supports 1800Mhz that EE are going to use, but not 800Mhz, 2.6Ghz that the other networks will be using next year.

- "A6" cpu is probably a dual-core cortex-a15 at 1.2Ghz. This would give the touted x2 performance compared to 4S, but would still only be about half the speed of the quadcore SG3 and One X


taller, thinner! even more like a slippery bar of soap. 

Slippery suckers aren't they. I've seen more broken Iphones this summer than I care to remember. 


I doubled the weight and size of mine with an Otterbox defender case. I can now actually hold it. It seems ironic that apple spend all that time and effort creating an ultra slim, sleek glitzy phone for everyone to go out and by a big case for them.



Very surprised they went with "meh".