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KEF Reference 103-3 Anybody remember these?

I had a pair for about 5 years during the 90's.  They were terrific.  They came with a weird device called the KUBE that was a signal processor that sat between the pre and power amps.  The speakers have a downfiring woofer inside a chamber in the cabinet.  The stands have a port where they meet the speaker.  Very unique design...

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Re: KEF Reference 103-3 Anybody remember these?

Shouldn't this have been posted in the new section of "I remember when..."

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Re: KEF Reference 103-3 Anybody remember these?

Don't remember them (although I used to sell KEF R105s in earlier days still).


I'm still using a pair of Tannoy Ascots from the late 80s. Beautiful sound using dual concentric drivers and certainly "well run in"


Any other oldies but goodies out there?

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Re: KEF Reference 103-3 Anybody remember these?

I have been using these beasts for about 5 years, The Celestion 551.ÿ

They are currently in storage until I find a bigger house.

ÿlooks like I can't add a photo. Boo!!!

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