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Dali Mentor Menuet vs Dynaudio Exite 12

Hi all, I'm about to buy a Marantz CR603 and I'm having a hard time deciding between the Dali Menuet and the Dynaudio 12. I listen to various type of music, at medium-low volume and my room is medium size. I need small speaker due to wife's restrictions. First I was inclined to go with the Dali’s due to size, post-sales assistance in Switzerland (Dynaudio’s is not as broader) but after reading some reviews regarding its bass limitation and of not being too appropriate for mid-size rooms and started to doubt. My question is: is there such a notorious difference between these two speakers? Is Dali in fact aimed for small rooms and has relevant limitations for mid-sized ones? Would the Exite12 be clearly a better option? I'll not able to listen compare both in the same shop... Many thank's, Restelo

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RE: Dani Mentor Menuet vs Dynaudio Exite 12

I would say the Dalis will suit the 603 better as they're a bit of an easier load. Sound wise, the Dynaudios will have a fuller bottom end, with the Dalis sounding a little more 'understated'.

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RE: Dani Mentor Menuet vs Dynaudio Exite 12

Thanks David,

Actually I managed to compare both speakers and it was clear that the Exite 12 had a more natural sound and a more defined sound stage. Already order the Dynaudio.


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RE: Dali Mentor Menuet vs Dynaudio Exite 12

Hi Restolo, I am considering the Dynaudio's at the moment. If you could tell us more about how they sounded in the audition that would be helpful.

Best wishes


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