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What to buy shure srh1840 or audio technica w1000x?

Hi, decided to treat myself for upcoming birthday & buy new set of cans, but wondered if someone could give some advice on what to buy either shure srh1840 or audio technica w1000x? particularly as my local hifi stores don't stock either cans in question to listen to & would have to she'll out for both on sites where they offer money back. I am using Cyrus 8se with psxr & a graham slee solo ultra linear headphone amp. My music taste is sleaze / heavy rock. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers

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RE: What to buy shure srh1840 or audio technica w1000x?

I have the 1840 but have not heard the W1000x. However, I would not recommend the 1840 for rock, since the bass is too light.

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