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HP Wireless Audio - Any opinions or better options?

Have just bought a HP Wireless Audio kit and was wondering if anyone else has one and what they think?I looked at Apple Airport and Apple TV but dont really use ITunes so much now and they are rather expensive for the functionality i needwhich is pretty much decent wireless sound from my laptop to the hifi. Anyway i saw one of these HP thing reduced from 70 odd quid to 25 on Amazone and it seemed worth a punt. It arrived today, is easy to set up and to my ears sounds vastly better than the cable from headphone to aux input in my amp that i was using. It also defeats my Audioengine AW2 transmitter that i use with my ipod to the amp in terms of sound.I have another hifi set up in the lounge and am considering buying another of these - unless anyone has a better option??

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