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Imposing size and sound, but sonically it lacks control and cohesion
Big sonic personality
Lacks subtlety
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The XTZ is just under 50cm tall and 52cm deep, so you wouldn't consider it for a smaller room. In fact, you could quite easily fit three or four Dynaudio Sub250 Compacts inside just one of these beasts.

The XTZ uses a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amplifier, which produces 500W of power, driving a 12in Peerless XXLS driver unit.

The cabinet has two large bass-reflex ports. Underneath, the subwoofer is fitted with vibration- suppressing rubber feet.

There are balanced, RCA and high-level inputs and you're also given the choice of a couple of different EQ settings (which can be turned off).

The imposing appearance is mirrored in a big-boned sound. Subtlety isn't high on the agenda, and bass notes sound muddied and confused due to a lack of control and cohesion.

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Extra definition can be had if you use the supplied bungs, but then you lose a little impact and drive.

This is a big sub with a big sonic personality, but it suffers from lack of finesse.

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