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Wharfedale Diamond SW250 review

Tested at £300.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

This stylish budget stunner slams well above its weight – delivering impressively big bass and decent subtlety


  • Impressive control and weight


With the raft of movie big hitters swamping the Blu-ray shelves it's time to ponder your system's sonic capabilities.

So, if your budget/midrange speaker package is in dire need of a bass injection, then the Wharfedale SW250 is more than happy to oblige. This superb sealed sub produces an explosive but controlled low-frequency hit, perfect for the action delights of Iron Man.

Its curved cabinet ensures superb rigidity, enabling the 250-watt amp to deliver a powerful, tight and articulate bass. It can rock your room with impressive weight but it's also not adverse to caressing you with more subtle rumblings.