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Sennheiser MM50 review

The MM50s offer an excellent performance-per-pound proposition, with deep bass and decent treble Tested at £40.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

An excellent performance-per pound proposition


  • Brilliantly balanced music delivery
  • in-line microphone works well


  • Nothing of note

Modelled on the popular CX 300 range, the Sennheiser MM 50s are an excellent performance-per-pound proposition. The musical delivery is fast, direct and brilliantly balanced.

There's deep, well-defined bass, decent treble control for the money, and clear vocals. The mic and one-button control are contained in a unit that dangles just below the chin, and call quality is brilliant, especially given the price.

If your phone isn't the 3.5mm-type, there are other manufacturer-specific versions, as well as one with a 2.5mm jack.

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General Information

Product NameSennheiser MM50