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Samsung YP-T10 review

Great features and excellent sound, this good value portable also features a cool design Tested at £60.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

If you want an alternative to Apple, here’s a great (and cheap) place to start


  • Great interface
  • excellent sound
  • good video quality
  • fine specification


  • In-ear ’phones aren’t the most comfortable – otherwise nothing

Apple's dominance of the portable music market is based as much on design as sound quality: the iPod looks and feels so darn cool that its iconic status is well deserved.

Not many rivals have come close to that kind of portable panache. But the latest Samsung family of players – and this competitively priced player is a case in point – are asking a few pertinent questions.

The YP-T10 only carries 2GB of flash memory (it's also available in a 4GB version), but it has an excellent 2in screen, plays video as well as audio, and has an FM tuner and a voice recorder. Most importantly, it looks and sounds great. Music is vibrant and full of detail and life, while video clips look good too.

Interface to match sonic style
But what makes the Samsung a real star is that, along with that performance quality, its user interface is sublime. Combining smart, intuitive functionality with a stylish look and feel, the 'T10 proves that it's not just Apple who can make cool-as-a-cucumber portables.


General Information

Product NameSamsung YP-T10