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Samsung T9 (2GB) review

Lots of worthwhile features, but it can't quite compete with the iPod Nano Tested at £120.00

Our Verdict

Awesome features-per-pound coupled with good (but not the best) sound-per-pound


  • Extensive feature list including Bluetooth
  • good menus
  • decent sound
  • battery life


  • Doesn’t sound quite as exciting as Apple’s iPod nano
  • can be a bit slow to respond
  • Bluetooth needs to sound better

If you want an MP3 player that has Bluetooth connectivity, this Samsung T9 is, more or less, the one we'd recommend. Why the hesitation? Because on the basis of the Bluetooth headphones we've heard so far, we'd suggest you stick to wired cans' far superior sound.

Elsewhere in the T9's spec sheet, you find an FM tuner, radio and voice recording, video file replay, plus an impressive 30 hours of audio from the battery. Even juice-sapping video is afforded a decent 6 hours of stage time. The only significant (to some) missing feature is compatibility with Apple Mac computers.

Getting around the T9 is, thanks to the intuitive user interface, easy. Our only (minor) gripe is that the player is occasionally a bit leaden-footed at responding to commands. It's not as bad as some we've encountered, but it can grate a little after a while. The bundled software could also be slicker, too, but persevere, and you'll get the hang of things eventually.

Upgrade those bundled 'phones
Loaded up, the T9 delivers a fine sound. The supplied ear buds are better than average – they opt for a smoother balance than most rivals, which makes a refreshing change from most tinny bundled 'phones – but upgrade to pair of Sennheiser PX100s and you fully benefit from the Samsung's weighty sonics.

The T9 also uncovers a fair amount of detail; however, up against the Apple iPod nano it doesn't quite compete. The little Apple offers greater detail, rhythm, and punch.

Not an ideal movie player, then
The nano of course, doesn't offer Bluetooth connectivity – but we've already offered our opinion on quality of Bluetooth headphones available at the moment. And even though the Samsung's screen is vivid, at just 1.8in it's only useful for the odd music video. Watch a movie on a screen this size, and your over exerted eyes pretty quickly protest.

Are we protesting too much? We don't think so, but have a look and a listen, and see what you think. You might just agree.