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Optimum Avion 8925 review

Optimum's heavyweight Avion 8925 has much to like, including a tapered design for easy installation Tested at £999.00

Our Verdict

A heavyweight, yet usable design with a lot to like


  • Decent bottom-end and control
  • good detailing


  • A little slow sonically

The Avion 8925 is a heavyweight piece of furniture. It has a tapered design, which allows it to be pushed back in to a corner – a fairly big corner, mind you.

Its straight-line castors require installing, as do the handles, but this is a nicely solid hi-fi cabinet.

Sonically it's a little slow on its feet compared with the class-leading Hi-Fi Racks Podium XL but there's not much else to gripe about, with decent bottom end control, and good detail recovery.

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