Skip to main content predicts "death of browser streaming" as connected devices take over

The trend has been fuelled by the number of partnerships between streaming services and manufacturers such as Google, LG, Samsung and Panasonic, with tablets, Xbox consoles, smartphones and Chromecast among popular devices.

Since launching native apps for smart TVs, said there had been a 65 per cent increase in movies and TV programmes streamed directly through the sets, while streaming to devices like those listed above was up by a quarter.

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In comparison, the service reported a dramatic decline in streaming through an internet browser; a tenth of all content is streamed to a PC or laptop through a browser and believes that will be down to less than one per cent by 2017. content director Simon Horment said: "With smart TVs, devices like Chromecast and native apps being so commonplace, people are streaming movies and TV to all kinds of connected devices and replacing traditional TV channels.

"Native apps give a much better viewing experience than browser streaming, and are often more stable as they are designed for one single purpose. It has long been an industry prediction but one that’s actually coming true."

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