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Walmart to enter tablet market with budget iPad rival

Walmart to enter tablet market with budget iPad rival

Walmart Inc is planning to enter the tablet market, according to Bloomberg.

A Walmart spokeswoman has confirmed to the news site that the retailer is working on creating a tablet, however pricing, availability and specification details haven't been disclosed.

We do know an unconfirmed thing or two about the forthcoming tablet, though. The report continues to state that the tablet will be made by a Chinese supplier and come under Walmart's ONN electronics store brand. It will run Google’s Android platform, and be low-priced and kid-friendly. Watch out, Amazon?

While Apple's iPads occupy a large share of the tablet market, Amazon's Fire tablets have dominated the cheaper, kid-friendly end of the market in recent years. Going by the early photos found on a filing with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Walmart's small, modest-looking entrant looks to more closely resemble – and therefore rival – Amazon's fare.

Naturally, there's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition in the consumer electronics space, although we'll have to wait patiently to see whether it'll become Walmart's next hit.

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