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Spotify launches Duo subscription plan for 'couples'

Spotify launches Duo – a new subscription plan for couples
(Image credit: Spotify)

Spotify has launched a new subscription pitched at couples who live together. Spotify Premium Duo gets you two ad-free Premium accounts for $12.99/£12.99/AU$15.99 per month.

The music streaming giant trialled Duo last year, but it's now officially available in more than 50 other countries, including the UK, US, and Australia. Of course, you don't actually have to be a 'couple' to use Duo; Spotify says it's designed for "audio-loving pairs living at the same address".

Duo includes all the usual Premium benefits - ad-free listening, unlimited skips, a catalogue of 50 million tracks - plus 'Duo Mix', an AI-generated playlist based on a mash-up of both partners' tastes.

Given that Spotify Individual accounts cost £9.99/$9.99/AU$11.99 each, while the six-account Family plan costs £14.99/$14.99/AU$17.99 per month, the Duo plan could save couples up to £7/$7/AU$8 per month.

Aside from the incentive to perhaps save money, the idea behind the joint subscription is to broaden each other's horizons rather than spark musical disagreements. That said, each track has the profile picture of the partner whose tastes the song was generated from... making it all too easy to apportion blame. 

Currently, new users (those who haven’t previously subscribed to any form of Spotify Premium) can get one month of Premium Duo for free.

Existing Premium subscribers, meanwhile, can switch to Premium Duo by visiting their “Account” on and changing their subscription. You get to keep your existing account, music, playlists, podcasts and recommendations.


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