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Sonos Radio's third and final Thom Yorke mix is now available

Thom York releases final mix in exclusive Sonos Radio series
(Image credit: Sonos)

Thom Yorke has released his third and final mix for Sonos Radio. Radio Hour with Thom Yorke #3 runs the gamut from Laurie Anderson and Armand Hammer to Nicki Minaj and more. Got a piece of Sonos kit? Then you can listen to it for free

Sonos Radio, which launched earlier this year, is a free, ad-supported streaming radio service exclusive to Sonos users. It features more than 60,000 stations from around the world, plus Sonos' own original programming – similar to Apple's Beats 1 radio.

According to Yorke, Radio Hour is "that ever rolling compilation/office chart habit of mine of putting together what I have found recently that fascinates or moves me, what obsesses me, challenges me, opens new doors, reminds me of what i might have forgotten, is insanely complex or elegantly simple, violent, funny, messy, heavy or light. Whatever has hit me over the head basically. It may be new or old or just dug up again".

New Radio Hours are released each week on Sonos Radio and premiere on Wednesdays on Sonos' Mixcloud page. Not a huge fan of the Radiohead frontman? Plenty of other musical talents have launched their own Sonos Radio shows, from David Byrne and Jarvis Cocker, to Phoebe Bridgers, Jamila Woods and Soccer Mommy.

Sonos Radio also serves up over 30 ad-supported stations of handpicked music based on genre and occasion, from 'Reggae Roots' to 'Cocktail Hour'. Keen to tune in? Open the Sonos app, perform the software update (if required) and you'll find Sonos Radio – including Yorke's own station, In the Absence Thereof –  within the 'Browse' section. 


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