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Sansui tunes in with new DR-201V DAB/FM tuner

Dedicated hi-fi tuners are thin on the ground these days, but Sansui is going against the grain and launching a standalone DAB/FM tuner, the £225 DR-201V.

It's available in black or silver and is designed to match Sansui's 201 series of hi-fi components, or can be added to another non-Sansui system. It has DAB, DAB+ and FM tuners, and 10-station memory preset.

A two-line dot matrix display shows the station being received, and there are a range of connectivity options: there are stereo RCA analogue outputs, plus optical and coaxial digital outputs. For custom installation, the DR-201V is also equipped with a RS232 connection.

Paul Mitchell, Sansui UK's managing director, says: "We believe that broadcast radio has a strong future alongside the rise of internet radio stations due to the former's far superior sound quality."

Find out more about the Sansui hi-fi range in our video report.

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