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Q Acoustics preps £2500 Concept 500 speakers

The Concept 500 features new drivers, a new cabinet design, new plinth, and a whole new price-point for Q Acoustics.

The £2500 speaker on show in Munich wasn't the finished article, though it was close enough to be playing music and on demonstration. Q Acoustics said there would be a few more tweaks to the inside and outside ahead of the launch.

Available in a two-tone finish - white/brown or black/brown - the Concept 500 aims to build on the five-star Concept 40 (£1000), using a thicker, 'Dual Gelcore' cabinet design, a new 28mm tweeter and two, newly-designed, 165mm, rear-mounted mid-bass drivers.

As well as the extra MDF in the cabinet, there's a new circular aluminium plinth that will be integrated with the cabinet for a solid base.

The overall aim is keep resonance and distortion to a minimum, in order to deliver the dynamics and refinement we've come to expect from Q Acoustics, together with deep bass and plenty of scale.

We'll keep our eyes and ears peeled for more information, but expect the Q Acoustics Concept 500 to launch around September and cost £2500 (€3500).

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