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NEWS: Yamaha launches £1000 stereo SACD player

Yamaha's one of the many major Japanese companies undergoing a bit of a two-channel renaissance at the moment – and to prove it, here's the new CD-S2000, a stereo SACD/CD player.

Selling for £1000, it's designed to complement the company's £1400 A-S2000 Natural Sound stereo amplifier, also newly available.

The new player uses Yamaha's 'differential motion digital to analogue converter', designed to double converter precision, by handling plus and minus components of the signal separately right through to the point where they're output.

Used with the amplifier, which also operates in balanced mode, this enables the benefits of this way of working to be extended all the way from the DAC output to the speaker terminals.

The player uses a new Silent Loader mechanism, with an aluminium disc tray, and alsso has the Pure Direct circuit found in the company's AV amps: here, it turns off the display and digital output for optimum analogue quality.

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