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NEWS: Turn the FM airwaves Blu

Gear4 continue to push things forward in the world of MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity. The newest member of the Bluetooth range is the BluFM, which should have all your in-car audio and telephony needs covered.

At the heart of the BluFM unit is an FM transmitter. This enables the device, and in turn your car stereo, to not only communicate with music players but to wirelessly talk to mobile phones, too. This allows you to send music from your portable to your car stereo, while also using the BluFM to take hands-free phone calls – of course completely safely and legally, too.

The unit is compatible with any Bluetooth mobile phone (v1.1 and upwards) for calls, any Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) mobile phones for calls and music, plus any MP3 player, using a simple 3.5mm minijack cable, for music.

Once paired with your Bluetooth phone, your music will be interrupted with a tone when you have a call, allowing you to take a call using your car stereo system. The built-in microphone means you can merely talk in to the ether. Once you've sorted what Mum's cooking for dinner, your music will automatically switch back on.

Of course with the advent of good quality music phones, you could have your mobile taking care of all your tunes as well as your calls – and all wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth and the BluFM.

Out now, the BluFM will set you back £50.