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NEWS: Save power and money by switching off standby

Nearly £1 billion worth of energy is wasted in UK homes each year by people leaving AV equipment on standby. One For All's new Energy Saver remote control aims to save you energy and money by turning your kit off with one quick click.

A typical AV set-up uses 9.7 Watts on standby, but a press of the green button on the Energy Saver remote could make an energy saving of up to 90%.

The company has some interesting figures on power usage that will make scary reading for the more eco-friendly home cinema enthusiasts out there.

Based on research by Stiftung Warentest, a leading consumer safety group in Germany, a typical AV set-up uses 9.7W on standby. This could be cut down to just 0.9W by using the Energy Saver.

According to the research an LCD TV consumes 1.5 Watts in standby, a satellite receiver uses 6W and a DVD recorder 2.2W.

Using the Energy Saver would save up to 74 kilowatts a year or 44 kg of carbon dioxide, and it's estimated the average household could save £37 per year on electricity bills if it switched off all home appliances instead of leaving them on standby.

The One For All Energy Saver remote control is £40 and will be available from the end of May. For more information on this device check out the website here.

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