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NEWS: Pure's portable DAB receiver plays through your car radio

Most cars come fitted with an FM radio as standard, with only a few of the more upmarket models offering DAB as an option. Now Pure has a nifty solution that enables you to fit digital radio to your standard in-car system.

The Pure Highway is powered by the cigarette lighter and attaches to the windscreen with a supplied flexible mount, just like a portable satellite navigation system.

A discreet DAB aerial also fixes to the windscreen, and once the unit has been tuned in it sends the DAB station you've selected to the car's radio on an FM frequency.

It's also possible to connect an iPod or MP3 player to the Highway and play it back through the car radio, again via an unused FM frequency.

Leaving aside the fact that there's something wonderfully incongruous about receiving a digital station, then transmitting it via good old-fashioned analogue FM to the car radio, the £70 Highway may well prove to be a popular Christmas present.

Highway has four pre-loaded presets giving one-touch tuning to Virgin Radio, talkSport, Planet Rock and theJazz.

It can also be used as a personal DAB radio outside the car, running for up to six hours on two AA batteries, and has a stereo output for connecting a pair of headphones.

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