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New Sonos speaker shows touch controls and 'Trueplay' room tuning

There have been updates to the Sonos app and the addition of new music services, but aside from a limited edition Play:1, we've seen no new Sonos products for a little while (which was no surprise).

That could be about to change according to some information buried within the beta version of the Sonos Android app.

The code appears to reveal there's a new Play:3 or new Play:5 speaker on the way, and that it will come with touchscreen buttons and gesture controls.

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Existing Sonos speakers have a pretty standard three-button control system on each speaker, with most of the hard work done on the Sonos app.

The new Sonos speaker appears to have two buttons, which are now touch sensitive. The pairing button appears to have been removed to the rear of the speaker.

Also new is talk of a "Trueplay" tuning system, which will use the microphone in your smartphone or tablet to tune the speaker's sound to your individual room.

A 3-minute Trueplay tuning process promises to "correct for room distortion and adapt your speaker's sound for where you've placed it".

It also looks like the new Sonos speaker will be able to stand vertically or horizontally, as is the case with the Play:3.

The information, uncovered by Zatz Not Funny!, suggests a new Sonos speaker could be released this autumn - and hints there could be more new products.

There have long been rumours around a Sonos soundbase (Playbase?) to sit alongside the Playbar, while a smaller, portable Sonos speaker or a larger Sonos Play:6 or Play:7 have also been floated. We'll be keeping an eye out for any more Sonos rumours...

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