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Get three months of Tidal HiFi free with Bluesound purchases this month

Get three months of Tidal HiFi free with Bluesound purchases
(Image credit: Bluesound)

At times like these, we need music more than ever. That's why we're alerting you to the fact that if you buy any qualifying hi-fi product from multi-room mogul Bluesound between now and the end of the month, you'll get three months of Tidal's Award-winning HiFi service absolutely free. 

Free Tidal HiFi for 3 months with Bluesound purchase
Get free Tidal worth £60 when you buy a qualifying Bluesound product. Simply provide a picture of the receipt, check your email within two business days, and voila – you'll have a code to claim free Tidal HiFi for three months.
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Most of the Bluesound catalogue qualifies, including the Node, Node 2 and Node 2i streamers; the Powernode, Powernode 2 and Powernode 2i streaming amplifiers; the Vault, Vault 2 and Vault 2i music servers; the range of Pulse, Pulse Flex and Pulse Mini wireless speakers; and the Pulse Soundbar, Pulse Soundbar 2i and Pulse Sub. A full list of qualifying items can be found on the Bluesound website.

Upon reviewing Tidal's streaming service, we couldn't help but conclude that 'whether you’re listening to 320kbps, CD-quality or hi-res streams, Tidal sounds great compared to its rivals. We’d wholeheartedly recommend signing up for Tidal HiFi if you can.' So if you're looking to invest in new multi-room wireless kit, Tidal is a top nab in the process.


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