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Competition Commission includes Netflix and LoveFilm in film probe

Competition Commission

The Competition Commission has extended its investigation into BSkyB's stranglehold on pay-TV films to include Netflix and LoveFilm.

Last year the regulator published a provisional decision that BSkyB's contracts with the six major Hollywood studios – Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox – were anti-competitive, creating "a significant barrier to entry to potential competitiors", including BT and Virgin Media.

The Competition Commission admits it now needs to assess "potentially relevant" developments, in particular the arrival of US giant Netflix which launched in the UK and Ireland in January.

And the decision by Amazon-owned LoveFilm to offer movie streaming to its customers has further expanded the video-on-demand market.

"We recognised in our provisional findings that, were developments in the market to occur, it would be necessary to take them into account before reaching our final views," says the commission.

It has now extended the deadline for delivering its final report until July, so that it can take these recent developments in the market into account.

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