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CES NEWS: Lady's bugged by Vestalife's iPod dock

This is the Ladybug iPod dock from Californian company Vestalife, which Ms Editor Newsome says is vying for her vote as the cutest thing she's seen so far at CES.

Other contenders? OLED TVs, she says - oh, and the chap in the Starbucks queue at 6.15 this morning, apparently. Anyway...

The little unit seems solidly built, she reports, with a soft-touch finish, and as well as the fold-out speaker 'wings' it has a built-in subwoofer. It's all driven by digital amplification.

It has a universal iPod dock, will charge most models, and also has a 3.5mm stereo input and a USB connection.

Power comes from the mains or 4AA batteries, and there's a video output, adapters for 5G iPods, the nano and the iPod mini, and a remote handset.