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Bose unveils QuietComfort 25 over-ear noise cancelling headphones

The new cans are due to hit the shelves on September 15th and come with a price tag of £270 in black or white finishes, however you can pre-order the QC25s direct from Bose now – if can't wait to get your hands on a pair.

Taking the place of the five-star QC15s, the new headphones incorporate "audio advancements" that aim to improve the clarity of your music – including a "more finely tuned" Active EQ for a smoother frequency response.

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A single AAA battery is included with the QC25s and will offer up to 35 hours of use, while a proprietary headband design and cushions made from protein leather. The earcups also feature a soft-touch TPE bumper and cast zinc pivot.

Sean Garrett, VP of Bose's Noise Reduction Technology Group, said: "We improved nearly every dimension – greater noise reduction, lifelike audio, a striking new profile and styles and a new earcup pivot to fold up smaller than ever.

"There’s no substitute for long-term research. For over three decades, our engineers have woken up every day trying to make a better headphone. The QC25 headphones are a great example of that commitment."

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