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Logic3 i-Station 25 review

Another dock that has an unusual feature – in this case multi-positioning – but it doesn't excel in any areas despite reasonable sound Tested at £70.00

Our Verdict

It's unusual looking and entertaining, but doesn't excel


  • Entertaining sound
  • vertical and horizontal positioning


  • Lack of bass
  • fiddly to use
  • doesn't excel in any area

This is a strange-looking, yet appealing iPod dock. Stand it upright when listening to a normal iPod, or alternatively, flip the i-Station onto its side to watching video content from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Placing your iPod in the dock can be quite tricky, so you need a bit of patience.

The remote control is useful, and unlike other Logic3 docks, gives you control of individual treble and bass adjustments.

And, to its credit, the i-Station produces quite an entertaining sound. That said, the dock isn't blessed with exceptional bass weight and unfortunately this can't be rectified by adjusting the sound settings via the the remote.

Sure, music sounds lively enough but the dock doesn't really excel in any particular area.

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