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Atacama Nexus 6 review

Still fine performers despite their age, although it's best to fill them with Atacama's own Atabite metal packing Tested at £70

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Still performing well, and remains a more-than-worthy product eight years down the line


  • These speaker stands produce a fine, detailed sound, which improves when filling is added


  • The small filling holes don’t make life easy

It's eight years since we last looked at the Atacama Nexus 6 stands, but they're still very much a current product and deserve a re-test. The question is, can this former Award-winning product keep its five-star rating?

Retailing at £70 the steel Nexus 6's are 60cm tall with floor spikes. They use two small columns and one big column, all of which can be filled. From the start, the Nexus 6s prove to be capable performers, sounding clear and detailed when unfilled, albeit with a slightly bass-light sound. Compared with the similar Soundstyle Z2s, they hold their own admirably and prove that the past eight years have been kind.

Filling the stands using Atacama's 'Atabite' metal packing (£19.99 per pot) made a difference sonically. The small holes are fiddly, but as we filled up the stand (initially half and then two-thirds) the sound gained authority, and the bass improved in weight and depth.