Our Verdict 
A low price but not low enough to be worth the sub-par performance
Low price
Decent sound with headphones
Up-to-date Jelly Bean OS
Video could be better
Sometimes slow in operation
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You might remember Toshiba’s slim, budget AT300 tab from last year and this refreshed model sports similar specs in a slightly chunkier package with one big upgrade: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Toshiba AT300SE review: Features

So the Toshiba AT300SE is certainly slicker than its predecessor when navigating your way through apps but can still be a little sluggish here and there. Still, it’s a capable value option with two cameras and a microSD slot for extra storage, although it’s let down by the shoddy metallic-looking plastic back which wimps out at the first sign of a scrape.  

Toshiba AT300SE

As with the previous model, the AT300SE is surprisingly listenable with headphones in offering up good balance even if there’s little of the dynamism of the iPad 4 or Google Nexus 10. Give the tinny speakers a miss, though…

Film buffs are spolit for choice with Google Play and Acetrax, accessed through Toshiba Places, but picture quality is only so-so in both standard- and high-definition, with washed out colours and blacks that aren’t as inky as we’d like.

Toshiba AT300SE review: Verdict

The AT300SE is nice enough to navigate, but with a less than durable finish, uninspiring video and Toshiba dropping ports such as microHDMI, it just doesn’t represent great value for money. We’d recommend trying a smaller tab or spending more on the Google Nexus 10.

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