• Tannoy Revolution DC6T
Our Verdict 
Best floorstander £700-£1500, Awards 2011. As complete a package as you’re likely to see for under £1000
Solid, purposeful build and style
exciting, spacious and balanced sound
Other floorstanders sound a little richer and fuller
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How does this sound for a deal? Take a five-star, £1400 pair of floorstanding speakers, cut down on the aesthetic niceties and limit it to one choice of finish, then slash £600 off the price.

Sounds good, eh? And that’s pretty much what Tannoy has done to produce the Revolution DC6 T.

Okay, so we’re oversimplifying it a bit, but Tannoy says that the styling sacrifices have been made in order to keep the DC6 T’s innards largely the same as those of the DC6 T Signature. It’s not like they’re suddenly pig-ugly, either.

A little less curvy, for sure, but the straight edges are rather striking as far as we’re concerned, and the ‘Espresso’ finish that you’re forced to take is the one that apparently nine out of every ten Signature buyers select anyway.

Attack with gusto and agility What’s more, they sound absolutely brilliant. Play SBTRKT’s awesome Wildfire and they attack the electric beats with the kind of gusto and agility you’d expect from a pair of standmounters.

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They really are terrifically exciting, with forceful, tight bass, clear, nuanced vocals and awesomely sparkly cymbals.

There’s impressive scale and width to the soundstage, and the Tannoys prove to be as spatially precise as they are rhythmically, so every note inhabits its own space.

If we were to be really picky (we usually are) we’d say that individual notes could do with just a touch of richness behind that solid initial hit, but that’s as critical as we can be about the Tannoys.

They even work close to a wall – and if you’re up to bi-wiring them they sound even better.

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