Our Verdict 
A fine all-rounder and a worthy alternative to pricier projectors from JVC and the like
Compact, quiet, easy to install and use
fine all-round performance
fairly affordable
Not the brightest, so avoid bigger screens and ensure you use a properly darkened room
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It's been far too long since we looked at a Sony projector, although it's not been for the want of trying. Still, the VPL-VW60 was worth the wait.

Although stylish looks aren't vital in projectors, this is certainly an elegant design, boasting curves fit to humble many a squarer competitor.

That said, a change of colour aside, the Sony's casework is no different from the company's older VPL-VW50. That model's fully motorised lens and elegant on-screen graphics remain present and correct, too.

The biggest change to the VPL-VW60 is the provision of an automatic iris, and as with similar systems in rival kit, this helps to increase contrast. It monitors the picture in real-time, automatically closing or opening the iris to suit the black level being projected at that moment

In theory, this happens so fast you can't see the system in operation, although a few of us did (or thought they did). It can be defeated if you prefer.

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All-round excellence The Sony also has hordes of video adjustments and it'll handle 1080p/24fps content natively, displaying it via 4:4 pulldown at 96Hz. That makes it a delight with Blu-ray signals, its accurate edge definition and composed motion-handling beautifully complimenting the grand, sweeping vistas of There Will Be Blood.

The Sony also suppresses picture noise expertly, notably during night-time scenes, although that can be at the expense of some insight into the darkest areas of image. However, video upscaling and deinterlacing are up to par, the Sony providing an assured, stable feel with football on Sky.

Gripes? Only one. The VPL-VW60 isn't especially bright: a properly darkened viewing room is a must, and we'd avoid trying to view a very large picture unless the projector can be positioned fairly close to the screen. That apart, put this on your must-try list immediately