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Wireless is nice, but the picture performance can be bettered for the money
Built-in wireless works well
slick menu system
detailed pictures
good movement
Not the final word in subtlety
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Having a TV that can offer to stream good quality, video and music content over the internet is all well and good. But, if your TV doesn't sit near to an internet router, accessing this content can be quite tricky.

One option is to buy a wireless dongle; but some TVs will work only with a manufacturer's own dongle – and they can cost upwards of £50. A neater option would be to buy a TV with built-in wireless connectivity. That's where this TV comes in.  This screen comes from Sony's Network range. It uses an edge-lit LED backlight and features Sony's Bravia Engine 3 picture processor and other picture enhancing technologies such as Motionflow 100Hz.

Two of the four HDMI inputs are tucked into a recess at the back, so plugging in less-flexible cables is more of a challenge, but wall mounting is easier.

The chunky remote is quite long, but the buttons are quick to respond and the blue backlight makes it easy to use in a darkened room.

Wireless connectivity is convenientSetting up a wireless connection is straightforward. With the Xross Media Bar interface, you can track down your router and hook up in a couple of button clicks.

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Having this wireless connectivity is a convenient touch, but it counts for little if picture quality isn't up to scratch. And the '40NX703 has its strengths and weaknesses.

In isolation, the set produces a pleasing picture. Images from the Freeview HD tuner are as stable and well-defined as you'd hope for. A few edge-lit TVs we've seen have suffered from a worryingly uneven backlight, but our sample showed no such issues – black levels remained consistently deep and rich.

Yet the very best screens at this price can deliver extra detail, and whiter whites. The colour balance isn't up to the standard of TVs in other Sony ranges, with skintones appearing a touch unnatural.

Sound quality is decent for the money. The built-in speakers don't sound thin, but they could sound more open and dynamic.

If you need a TV with wireless connection, the '40NX703 carries out the task very well. But, if top-drawer picture performance is your main priority then there are other TVs in other Sony ranges that fit this brief better.

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