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Shure SE115m+ review

These Shure buds have a great sense of detailing, although some may find them too analytical in their presentation Tested at £120

Our Verdict

Some may think the Shures verge on the clinical, but they have evenness and precision on their side


  • Great detail, fast paced, precise sound, well built, even-handed tonally


  • Too analytical for some, lack some bass weight

Shure’s headphones have long been the pro’s choice: musicians around the world using them for on-stage monitoring thanks to their excellent durability and detailed sound.

And while the SE115m+ is definitely a consumer model, it retains those qualities: too many headphone cables look worryingly thin, but Shure's is reassuringly thick and solid, and the enclosures and mic/control unit seem similarly durable.

The sound is detailed and they’re fast-paced and rhythmically precise, although beside some more bass-heavy rivals they can sound rather thin.

If you're not used to this type of presentation, it could come across as a little clinical and sap the music of some of its soul.

Howvever, if you value analysis and even-handed tone, the Shures are great.