• Sennheiser MM70s
Our Verdict 
Another excellent set of all-rounders from Sennheiser
Good balance
Accurate timing
Strong dynamics
Could do with a little more drive
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We’ve seen all shapes and sizes from Sennheiser, but these earphones have to be among the company’s most unassuming designs.  

It’s a thin black wire that splits unevenly for a round-the-neck formation.  


There’s a mic unit with a fiddly volume slider, and the buds have a bit of metal amid the black plastic. And that’s about it. All the effort must have gone into the sound, because these in-ears sound very good. 

The whole frequency range is present and accounted for, although the Sennheisers favour the low end. Vocals are prominent and that bass helps to solidify the presentation, which feels nicely rounded. 

There’s also a good sense of space, as can be demonstrated by playing anything with an orchestra. Beyerdynamic MMX 101iEs have a greater sense of drive, but the Sennheisers never feel overly relaxed.  

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Thanks to good timing and dynamics, these headphones are never less than engaging.

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