• Sennheiser HD 558
Our Verdict 
They trade aggression for smoothness, but these headphones are a comfortable and pleasant listen
Smooth, rich sound
Punchy and dynamic
Forgiving and easy-going character
Expressive vocals
Soft and comfortable to wear
Sleek, compact design
Need more attack and excitement
Not as agile, subtle or open as rivals
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The Sennheiser HD 558s are as easy on the eyes as the ears, with a stylish plush velour design and a rich and smooth sound that make these open-back headphones ideal for comfortable listening.


The HD 558s are velvety-smooth with a gentle tone meaning you can comfortably listen to them for hours on end.

Drums have impact, bass notes are rich and deep, and voices expressive – there are no harsh edges to the HD 558s. 

However, the HD 558s do sacrifice transparency and insight for their even tones: useful if you’re listening to low-resolution streaming on Spotify.

But they lose some aggression and attack on certain songs – if it’s Tom Waits or Public Enemy, the HD 558s will iron out the rough edges with a softer version. 

The HD 558s aren’t as open as we’d like if compared with the spacious Audio Technica ATH-AD700Xs.

They feel like closed-back headphones and although it doesn’t congest the soundfield, we would have preferred extra openness.

Some more dynamic subtlety would have given extra depth to The Rolling Stones’s Laugh, I Nearly Died.

A lush sound is enjoyable in the right setting, but we were yearning for some attack and bite to the softened top end: when listening to Metallica you want grunt and power. 

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The HD 558s have a sleek and sturdy design with incredibly soft earcups and headband cushion:  every inch of them feels like a premium product.

The HD 558s grip well and adjust easily to fit most sizes – and the compact build caters well for people with smaller heads.

Make sure you try them on though, as the firm grip may not be for everyone.


If you want attack and excitement from your headphone sound, go elsewhere: try the Grado SR80is or the Philips Fidelio X1s.

You will find lots to love about these Sennheiser HD 558s all the same: their smooth sound is very listenable, and they’re comfortable to wear – why not give them a try?

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Sennheiser HD 558
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