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Sennheiser CX275s review

Capable enough but these Sennheisers don't quite justify the price Tested at £50

Our Verdict

Capable enough but these Sennheisers don't quite justify the price


  • Balanced
  • Well organised
  • Comfortable fit


  • Fiddly
  • Timing could be better
  • Clumsy presentation

Sennheiser’s headphones usually swing between unapologetic simplicity and ergonomic flamboyance.

The Sennheiser CX 275s sits somewhere in between, with a crescent-shaped outer shell that doesn’t seem to have any purpose. A plastic construction makes them feel a little cheap, although they’re solid enough and nothing squeaks or rattles.

Unfortunately the plastic is of the glossy variety, conspiring with the odd shape to make the CX275s very fiddly. Getting them into your ears properly is pain, but once they’re in they’re definitely comfortable enough to stay there.

Listening to them is less awkward. These Sennheisers put out a balanced sound with a well-organised sound stage.

The midrange is well separated. The treble is articulate, even if it is a bit hard. There’s a hefty dose of bass, although it lacks definition. It also lacks rhythmic precision, holding everything back and preventing a sense of cohesion.

Sennheiser CX 275s review: verdict
Overall, the CX275s feel a little clumsy. All the elements are present and accounted for, but they need to perform better together to create that sense of quality and panache.

There’s a nicely shaped button and microphone, but that still doesn’t justify the price.

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Product NameSennheiser CX275s